War deads

Number of war dead in the Netherlands in WW II: 

Between 225,000 and 250,000: 2.7% of a total population of roughly nine million in 1940-45. 

104,000 Jewish citizens, more than 70% of the total number of Jews in the Netherlands.  

- 240 members of the Sinti and Roma population (Gypsies)
- 2,850 civilians, killed as punishment or retaliation for acts of resistance (2,000 of those shot were resistance fighters, the remainder were hostages or unsuspecting citizens) 

- 375 of the approximately 7,500 non-Jewish prisoners in German prisons. Most of these prisoners were detained because of ‘economic crimes’ (black market activity, theft), the remainder were political prisoners

- 7,000 out of certainly 15,000 non-Jewish prisoners in concentration camps
- 20,500 civilians, killed in bombing and fighting in the frontline, September 1944-May 1945
- approx. 22,000 people in urban areas in the western part of the country died of hunger and exposure during the last winter of the war, the Winter of Hunger of 1944- 45

- 30,000 Dutch forced laborers in Germany died of illness, bombings and other causes

- 2,200 soldiers of the Dutch army, were killed in those five days in May 1940. - 258 soldiers died in German captivity
- 1,500 soldiers of the Princess Irene Brigade and the Interior Forces, killed in 1944 to 1945
-1.490 crew members of the Dutch merchant fleet, which sided with the Allies in May 1940, did not survive the war
- 20,000 Dutch citizens in the Dutch East Indies perished in Japanese camps (7.000 soldiers and 13,000 civilians) 

- 10,000 people were killed at the Eastern Front in 1941-45, most of them as Dutch members of the Waffen-SS and similar formations
- The liberation of the Netherlands (September 1944-May 1945) cost the lives of 50,000 Allied soldiers
Source: Verzetsmuseum

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