Private other history tours

I really can recommend Emilie Nolst Trenité. She is involved since 1990 as a national licensed guide thus sharing with you her fascination of Amsterdam's rich history.



Emilie's 5 private Tours: 

Duration of all these tours : 2,5 hours or more. You pay a fixed fee of € 180 for 6 persons or less. There is a maximum of 8, an extra person is € 30.

All departures in consultation with you. Please send your request: -




And last but not least I can highly recommend our day trip to Arnhem!

1944 - THE BATTLE OF ARNHEM (operation Market Garden) 

Murk Dijkstra, an historian, retired history teacher, and knowledgable battlefield guide, organized this day trip from Amsterdam.

He will pick you up at your hotel in Amsterdam

in the morning and bring you back before dinner.

Murk also offers trips to the battlefields of World War 1 in Belgium and

Northern France.

€ 109 p.p. Group size: 2-8 persons.


His website: 


For information or booking, please send him an email:



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