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I really can recommend Emilie Nolst Trenité. She is involved since 1990 as a national licensed guide thus sharing with you her fascination of Amsterdam's rich history.

Peter Schaapman 



Emilie's 5 private Tours:

Duration of all these tours : 2,5 hours or more. You pay a fixed fee of € 180 for 6 persons or less. There is a maximum of 8, an extra person is € 30.

All departures in consultation with you. Please send your request: to

1. Famous people in the Golden Century. A tour along the Ring-of-Canals.

The 17th Century is often called The Golden Age. The prosperous period of trade and shipping industry and finance. The period of merchands, pirates and artists. In the footsteps of all these people that have made the difference, we will walk through the ages. Stories of Rembrandt, the United East India Company, or surgeon’s and affluent regent families.

The famous Ring of Canals gives us the best overview of how the riches lived and how they spent their fortunes and their gained capital for exuberant architecture along the ‘Herengracht’ and their huge art collections . And what to think of the headquarters of the United East India Company and the Royal Palace On Dam Square. architecture reflecting the positions of the regents, politicians, architects and scientists.


2. Jordaan Neighborhood – Almshouses

Guided Tours in Amsterdam in the Jordaan neighborhood. you will love it!

This originally 17th C neighborhood is much loved now by locals as well as visitors, because of its hidden almshouses, the Saturday market, the intimacy of the many smaller canals, the architecture of the large 17th C. Wester Church and the Anne Frank House almost next to the church.

400 years of history and transitions. From a marsh like area to a vibrant neighborhood in the vicinity of Prinsengracht.


3. Former Jewish Neighborhood – Waterloo flea market area

The Waterloo Square Flea Market; well known to many, at least in name. At the same time the former jewish neighborhood where the Jewish people, initially as refugee’s, and for many generations thereafter, lived, loved, worked and worshipped. The later called ‘Plantage’ neighborhood with the ‘Artis’ Zoo, Amsterdam botanical gardens, its many World War II and Holocaust Monuments, and the large 17th C. Synagoge or ‘Snoge’, and the location of deportation of the Jews in WWII.

This tour is for those who want to experience a very different side of Amsterdam. And it is an absolute must-see for people who are interested in the Jewish heritage in our city.


4. Amsterdam former Docklands and Harbour district/ See it changing!

Big transformation has taken place the past 2 decades along the embankments of the area around Amsterdam Central Station and even beyond. Every day we can read articles about new city planning or new or restored buildings along the lengthy shores of the old  IJ-Harbour. And we SEE it changing daily!

The former 19th C. docklands have been transformed from the ’90’s until today into a modern residential- and commercial, cultural and business area for many people, companies and cultural platforms. Former warehouses have undergone a metamorphosis. Amsterdam shows a variety of modern architecture, bridge-design and city planning on an international level. New projects and developments are still ahead of us or one their way… It is booming here!

Follow your guide who will take you around during a exiting walking tour or bike tour.


5. Customer Designed Tour

These customer designed guided tours can be done as a walking tour, a tour by limousin with your private driver or by private boat; whatever your preference is, we will arrange for it. In case you wish a canal tour in a private setting we work with special selected canal companies. Please contact us about the many possibilities and prices for the custom designed tour for half a day or a full day.



And last but not least I can highly recommend our day trip to Arnhem!

1944 - THE BATTLE OF ARNHEM (operation Market Garden) 

Murk Dijkstra, an historian, retired history teacher, and knowledgable battlefield guide, organized this day trip from Amsterdam.

He will pick you up at your hotel in Amsterdam

in the morning and bring you back before dinner.

Murk also offers trips to the battlefields of World War 1 in Belgium and

Northern France.

€ 109 p.p. Group size: 2-8 persons.


His website: 


For information or booking, please send him an email:



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